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The Amazon River

The Amazon River

Project Description: 

Amazon river - empowered by the forest, humbled by its inhabitants...
This, my first photo essay about the Amazon, is all about the river, the forest and its inhabitants... these images try to convey the contrasts and diversities you can find at the very edge of civilized life... a few words help you feel the place.

The memories, buried deep into my skin, nose and eye balls, are hard to describe, like the smell of the "fornos de lenha" (wood stoves) along the river, the view of magnificent sunrises and sunsets, the ever changing sounds and smell of the forest, the smiles of the people, the purity of the kids playing in the water... the birds singing in the fresh early morning, before the sun shows its rays throught the trees... and during the nigths, those amazing starry skys, clean, pure, fresh... the crickets, joining the choir of owls, frogs and toads... and the constant sound: the splash of the water...

I felt so insignificant in front of so much energy... Life in the river is intense, difficult, but there is an attraction that I can hardly understand or express... Hope these images will bring you some of my emotions...

Moon Expression: 
Water Body: 

Jorge Vismara

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