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Clara Duran

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From different points of view and fields of study, the work of Clara Durán investigates the imagination of matter and the relationship between human beings and the natural world. Water, being the central element, connects with fire, earth and air in a way to understand how we are just like the four elements at different levels. For this, she integrates photography with painting, poetry, performance and sound through interactive and site-specific installations. Inside these comfortable and sensorial spaces, the visitor can deepen inside a state of reverie and heighten the feelings linked to it, which can later crystallise into an action. The audience is encouraged to protect the natural environment by connecting with it through an intimate experience.

Born in Madrid, Clara Durán graduated in Fine Arts (Universidad Complutense Madrid) with studies at Loyola University Chicago, graduating afterwards from MA Fine Art Digital (University of the Arts London). She has been recipient of several fellowships and awards and her exhibitions have travelled across Madrid, Seville, Chicago, London, Norway and Bucharest. She is an independent artist and freelance photographer who has collaborated with renowned artists such as Javier Vallhonrat, Teresa Margolles or Lilli Hartmann and has also worked at LUMA Museum in Chicago and at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (MNAC).

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