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Project Description: 

The following project has an ecologist point of view and protest Among the use and bad use of water. Its simply hides Apparently approach to major problem as well as deep symbolic meanings.
The work Consist of a black screen on Which will Appear small video in mosaic, distributed around another black square. All These toilets video show at the time in Which They are draining. As These videos are appearing in greater number and the sound Also Begins to generate a loud noise, the black square in the center starts to light and an image of one of the many fountains in the city of Madrid Appears.
Visitors will be Asked to Collaborate With the project by sending video of Their Own GIVEN bathrooms to e-mail in order to be incorporated into the map, Which will update every day.
The work Reflects on the use of water That That a city with 3 million inhabitants does. A million toilets are simply too many toilets. The water stream esta per second that requires, Assuming That each household only pulls the string 10 times a day, is immense, goes beyond our imagination, we simply can not recreate in our minds Such quantity. The book AIMS to Take This to light and generate, through a mosaic of videos and overlapping sound of successive evacuating toilets, that feeling Which escapes our notice. The reason is we do not see That the water when it goes down the drain, or our neighbors' or, indeed, we can not even see the water before using it. It is always hidden and we are barely aware of Its existence and source. If X-ray We had eyes and the ears of a lynx, Could we realize the situation without the need to create Such a work, to work That hits us With Such a collision of images and sound, with the purpose of overwhelming us.
On the other hand, the relationship shown Between the toilets and the fountain That Appears When every toilet flushes is a reference to Duchamp's Fountain, Which, Precisely Because he inverted it, we throw the fluid That will be returned to us.

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