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About Waterbodies

Victoria Vesna and Claudia Jacques



As a fruit of the collaboration between Victoria Vesna and Claudia Jacques, waterbodies.org is an attempt to create a framework for curated crowd sourcing to raise the issue of collective consciousness about water as a life force and a reflection about the state of humanity.


Waterbodies.org is an extension of Victoria’s “Water Bowls” artwork installation “to a network of others working in the same realm.” Her concept approaches from the micro-macro point of view by employing the idea of the fourth state of water – “neither liquid, ice or vapor but ‘in an between molecular state’ - as an overarching framework and uses ports as human network nodes.

Victoria’s hope to develop a network of artists, environmentalists, scientists, etc. addressing issues and solutions related to water resonated with Claudia’s research and experiments creating interactive hybrid environments. Focusing on the complexity of water and the characteristics involved in the social networks around it, Claudia’s hope is to expand Victoria’s view so that in time Waterbodies.org can translate data into knowledge, generate new knowledge relationships via data visualization, and bring human and water resources together across institutional, geographic, cultural, artistic, technological, and scientific boundaries.

It is with the goal of developing social networks focused on water and generating new connections about it that we hope to expand collective consciousness about water,

There are many projects that address the issue of water, and it is critical to have activists, artists, designers, architects, educators, environmentalists, and scientists connected to address the issues, solutions and aesthetics of water.  In addition to adding your drop of water (project to waterbodies.org), you can also become a water keeper for the node you reside in (physically or virtually) and invite other people to add their drops of water to waterbodies.org.

Waterbodies.org follows the Lunar Calendar as a reminder that we are part of a complex system connected to water from micro to macro.

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