Melissa Schlax (Sponsorship Program)
P.O. Box 500
Apex, NC 27502


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Include: photos, stickers, bookmarks
Do Not Include: Money
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May I bring a gift to my sponsor child? 

Yes, you may bring a gift to your sponsor child. All sponsor gifts must be given to the sponsorship coordinator who will label and save the gift for your sponsor child’s birthday or Christmas.

May I bring a gift for my sponsor child’s home?

Yes, if you wish to bring a gift to the sponsor child’s home please consider bringing something from the approved wish list. If you wish to bring something else, please contact our sponsorship coordinator ( to get approval first!

What kind of gifts should I give?

Toys, clothes and accessories are the best gifts and we ask that the gift not be valued over $25. We also ask that you only give ONE item to your sponsor child as many children have multiple sponsors who wish to send gifts. If you would like a wish list for your child please email the sponsorship coordinator at

What happens if my sponsor child leaves?

If a sponsor child leaves for any reason before receiving their gift, the gift will be put in the general gift closet to be used as needed for one of the other children.

How To Prepare Your Gift?

Do not wrap your gift! Please place the gift item(s), card and a gift bag/tissue paper (optional) in an extra large zip lock bag with the sponsor child’s name on a large piece of paper in the front of the bag. (Please don’t write on the bag so we can use it again.)