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Memory of Water

Memory of Water

Project Description: 

pamięć wody / memory of water
szklane fiolki, woda, lampki solarne
glass bottles, water, solar lights
4 x 60ml

"Memory of Water” refers to theory of water structures and it's ability to storing various types information. According to this theory, the hydroxide molecules create into structures called clusters, which forms a specific mechanism for storing information at the molecular level. By taking a sample of water from the four largest Poznan lakes, I isolate and preserved the unique structural copy of the water in theese water reservoir. This symbolic act of taking water sample is gaining importance in the face of information deteriorating water quality level in these lakes. Installation presented at the exhibition POSTWATER is only part of still expanding collection of water samples from reservoirs in danger of environmental degradation .

Moon Expression: 
Water Body: 
Moon Being: 
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