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NaCl Impressions

NaCl Impressions

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Water and salt: NaCl IMPRESSIONS NaCl Watercolors sodium chloride in water sodium ions ... positive and negative ions dissociate chloride. The electroneutrality is broken. The ions are released ... saturated sodium chloride solutions can give crystals surprising that the shape and size ... With this salt, using aqueous solutions of appropriate dyes, Rita Nunes bridge proposes an imagined how to create images, diffusional impressions imposed by sodium chloride, which take us to a new world (almost unreal). An imaginary world where the laws of chemistry and physics, salt and its ions dictate shapes and textures that surprise us ... a microscopic world viewed macroscopically ... A Chemistry and Art Vision. Exhibition at the Library - Faculty of Sciences and technology / UNL, January 19 - February 29 »

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Rita Nunes da Ponte

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