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Oil is thicker than blood

Oil is thicker than blood

Project Description: 

In memoriam to the Prestige desaster in Galicia, Spain, 2002
This experimental video was recorded and produced personally by the author with the only support of a camera Canon 600 D, a glass container with the flower of Jericho, water, oil, ice cubes, two MDF boards with epoxy stained with pigments and 3 small cups made of polyester resin and pigment, as well as different colors of paint.
The title refers to the economic power represented by oil. Its density compares to blood and the latter to water. The black gold invades the blue gold. A war of power between the big global holdings that pollute seas and oceans regardless of the terrible consequences these accidents cause in the environment, and therefore in humans. The rose of Jericho is used as a symbol and represents death and life, since this plant normally dry, comes alive when it is submerged in water. Its origin is from the deserts of Egypt, Arabia and Syria, countries that produce oil. The music by Bource, Ludovic, titled “ The sound of tears” is used as a metaphor: the shape that oil marks on water, big eyes, weeping blood.

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