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Searching for the right measure

Searching for the right measure

Project Description: 

This work was shown at BITEF (Belgrade international theater festival) on 21st September 2006 in Belgrade, Serbia.

“In the time of invisibility”, BITEF, Belgrade Photographed by: Natasa Matovic

Searching for the right measure

According to the scientific researches 72% of human body is water.

My body weight is 56 kg. Capacity of the water that my body contains is 40.32 ℓ.

In this work I am offering the amount of water that I have in my body,

I am exhibiting it in tube which can contain this exact amount of water. r²π ∙L = V

0.95² ∙ 3.14 ∙ L =40.32 ℓ;

0.9025∙ 3.14 ∙ L =40.32 ℓ

L= 40320cm³: 2.83385cm²


Tube’s diameter is 1.9cm and its length is 142.28m.

1 glass = 2 dℓ = 1/5 ℓ = 1000 cm³: 5 = 200 cm³

40.32 ℓ= 40320 cm³ 40320 cm³: 200 cm³ = 201.6 glasses

The same capacity is exhibited in 201.6 glasses of 2dl.

The audience can drink water from those glasses and I am keeping that capacity of 40.32ℓ by pouring new glasses of water. In this work water is the beginning of communication and beginning of searching for the right measure. Is it 56kg, 142.28m, 201.6 glasses, few right words or another measure? I am equalizing myself with this capacity; I am giving as much as I can.

I am referring to endless inspiration creativity and life that always exists. 40.32 ℓ is endless.

The man is a measure to all things and everything is created by man’s measure.

I was distributing flyers to the audience with explanation of the measures.

These measures are variable and can be changed if my body weight is changing.

Moon Expression: 
Water Body: 

Maja Beganovic

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