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Technohoros Art Gallery presents with honor the artist Ulay , invited by the “World Water Museum” installation by Keti Haliori , on Sunday 2nd June at 20.00.
The event takes place on account of the joint project “Synergies” by the two artists, attending the collection of water sample from Castalian spring at Delphi. The water sample will be collected on Saturday the 1st June at 11.30 and during the same day the Archaeological Museum at Delphi will host an exhibition of the project. “Synergies” are encompassed in the activities of the “World Water Museum” installation and are hosted also by the I΄Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities

Ulay is an outstanding performance artist and perhaps among the first who were involved with water at through his work “WatertoΑll” between 1990 and 2010. With Lena Pislak they established the NASTATI Institute for art projects and creative solutions. Among other projects the Institute has hosted his “Water Gates” and “Whose water is it?” works. On 2012 he established the “Earth Water Catalogue”, a database and platform on water-related works, by artists around the earth. Τhe “Earth Water Catalogue” has been among the most important projects of Maribor, the 2012 European Capital of Culture. With the project “Synergies” and the value of Castalian Spring, Ulay wishes to inspire the love of people towards water.

Artists Krisanne Baker (USA), Lorraine Beaulieu (Kanada), Stella Bolonaki, Costis, Despina Ekonomopulos, Katerina Velliou, (Greece), will participate in the event with water artworks videos.

The artist will be presented by the art historian Manos Stefanidis.
Aristi Costopoulou will curate the project “Synergies”.

* The "World Water Museum" installation by Keti Haliori aims to alert people on the challenges of clear, potable water on the planet. It approaches super realistically the vast environmental problem, presenting water as "museum item". The installation is constructed gradually through the participations of the volunteers who send samples from rivers and lakes. The samples are chemically analysed, therefore to each one a special identity is assigned, then are safely kept in laboratory vials. A portion of 100 ml from each sample is mixed with portions of all the others, in a separate vessel, to symbolically increase the "Earth‘s water" level. The development and evolution of the project will be updated regularly on the website www.worldwatermuseum.com so that those participating and interested in the project can be informed. The World water Museum Installation aiming to promote the public awareness organizes in parallel shows, performances and other events.

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