STEP 1: Team Set Up

  1. Download Team Planning Packet.
  2. Find a date on our Team Calendars.   2019 Team Schedule
  3. Contact the Team Host ( to schedule your group.
  4. Pray, pray, pray…
  5. Thoroughly review ALL documents on the document list (bottom of screen).

STEP 2: Team Preparations (8 Weeks Before Travel Date)

  1. Email a Team Roster with the names, ages, and genders to the Team Host (
  2. Email a copy of your airline itinerary to Team Host (
  3. Team leader must personally sign and email a copy of the Spiritual Guidelines to the Team Host (
  4. Send a check to Guatemala Children’s Mission (at least 8 weeks before trip)
    (We prefer to receive one check for the whole team to help avoid confusion.)
    $475/per adult and $250/per child under age 14
    Mail To: Guatemala Children’s Mission, Inc. | P.O. Box 398, Spicer, MN  56288
    (Please include a note stating: team name, date of team and how many adults/children.)
  5. Distribute and review the following documents:  Team leaders will be held responsible for their team knowing all the following information.
    Accountability Forms (each team member must fill out and sign)
    Dress Code (Please review in detail…especially with girls!)
    Medical Consent Form  (Every minor and their parents must sign and bring.)
    Personal Packing List
    Emergency Contact Info
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Optional: Photo Prayer Sheet (We would love you all to be praying for the children by name!)
    For anyone planning activities: Activity Guidelines and Activity Outline

STEP 3: Team Arrival

  1. Bring signed copies of each team member’s Visitor Accountability Form.
  2. Bring a completed Dish Washing Schedule.
  3. Bring a completed Meal Prayer Schedule. (optional)
  4. Bring a completed Activity Outline.
  5. Bring cash (leader only) to tip the 3-4 men helping to load bus.  (Approx. $2 or 15Q for each man)

STEP 4: Team Stay

  1. Be Flexible!!  This is Guatemala! Rather than getting frustrated with changes, please come with a willingness to adapt and make changes as needed…because it will be needed!
  2. Plan a daily devotional time with your team.  It is important to have a time for prayer and sharing about what God is doing as well as a time to talk about upcoming plans and discuss any problems that arise.
  3. We also highly recommend setting a time for personal devotions. If you do not set time aside for this it can be hard for team members to find personal time in the busy daily schedule.
  4. No Internet or Phone Access… Please inform your team members AND their families that they will not have access to wifi or international phone services while at Agua Viva.  The team leader will have access to send out an email letting everyone back home know that you have arrived and we recommend having one main contact back in the US who can pass that info onto other family and friends. If you need more access please add an international plan to your phone.