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Water Weaving

Project Description: 

Description: Nobuho Nagasawa's Water Weaving Light Cycle pulsates with shifting hues of blue light. The sound sculpture woven from optical fiber is suspended above a Seattle City Hall stairwell. During the day, the fiber tapestry has the appearance of a woven glass net; at night, blue light pulses through the fiber, simulating flowing water. An audio component mixes the sound of lapping waves, recorded at localcal beaches, with weather-related environmental sounds selected by a computer linked to real-time weather reports by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The artist writes: "This light and sound sculpture, made of optical fiber and woven in Kyoto (Japan) by traditional kimono weavers, emulates cascading water and the rhythms of waves breaking on the shores of nearby Puget Sound . . . . Sound/light dynamics reflect both the actual weather changes outside and, figuratively, the flow of human communication inside City Hall--the people walking through, talking; the activated network of information technology; any day's living architecture in action." Dale Stammen and Andrew Schloss assisted the artist.

Funding Source: Fleets and Facilities Department 1% for Art.

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Nobohu Nagasawa

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