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Calming the Sea — sketch 2b

In Mundus Subterraneus, written in 1664, Athanasius Kircher proposed the idea that the oceans we know of are connected by channels to underground oceans, pumping water through openings in the sea floor, thus causing the tides.

Following this idea of subterranean channels, we will meet on Zoom to add just another layer of channels to unite as a global orchestra.

We will explore multichannel near-simultaneity, exploiting transmission latencies and temporal offsets, experiencing destructive and constructive interferences — overlapping, amplification and extinction of waves.

Calming the River

We will play with multichannel near-simultaneity, exploiting transmission latencies and temporal offsets, experiencing destructive and constructive interferences, — overlapping, amplification and extinction of waves in a global disconcert.

From a Whale's Back

What might it mean to be oceanic? To act in the world from a place of oceanic consciousness? "From a Whale’s Back" is an installation that explores the visual and sonic underwater world inhabited by whales of different species - orcas, humpbacks and minkes - from Antarctica to the northeastern Pacific. It uses video taken from tags used by scientists to monitor whales. From A Whale’s Back explores the latest technology for researching behavioral characteristics of whales, using tags suction-cupped to the back of the whale.

Water and Light: Ode to a River

As a personal response to waterbodies.org, in the Summer 2017, I started to photograph the Hudson River in Ossining, NY at different times of the day. Now with more than a thousand photographs taken over a period of two and a half years, this visual study took me to an inquiry on how humans perceive water and light frequencies and its implications.
Refracting, reflecting or even absorbing light waves, analogous to the study of Chakras, the Hudson river enhances the visual and physical perception of light promoting the potential for meditation and healing.

Una mujer despierta (A woman awakes)

Olt River, 44º15'10.9"N 24º25'09.3"E

Painted photograph from the 6-piece series 'Hacia el mar' (Towards the sea). Local women from Romania merge with their environment through the rivers Argeș, Ialomița, Jiu, Olt, Nera and Cerna, all of them tributaries of the old and, somehow mythical, Danube, a river venerated by the old geto-thracian civilizations surrounded by rituals, practices and beliefs, some of them of universal nature and yet connected with ancient cultures.

Noise Aquarium


5 Jun 2017 - 12:00pm
NOISE AQUARIUM premieres June 5th as a featured project at the WEB3D Art Gallery ON | OFF: 100101010

VICTORIA VESNA in collaboration with Dr. ALFRED VENDL and MARTINA FRÖSCHL from the Science Visualization Lab Angewandte, University of Applied Arts, Vienna have been developing this project for the past year and now it is showing at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. The work is projected on the cutting edge QT CUBE screen.

Fluid Systems

Works of the Sci Art Nanolab Team

UCLA Sci|Art Nanolab instructors Rita Blaik, Amisha Gadani, Mick Lorusso, Olivia Osborne, David Prince and Dan Wilkinson present their collaborations integrating living systems, microfluidics, the watershed, climate change and ice.

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