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Una mujer despierta (A woman awakes)

Olt River, 44º15'10.9"N 24º25'09.3"E

Painted photograph from the 6-piece series 'Hacia el mar' (Towards the sea). Local women from Romania merge with their environment through the rivers Argeș, Ialomița, Jiu, Olt, Nera and Cerna, all of them tributaries of the old and, somehow mythical, Danube, a river venerated by the old geto-thracian civilizations surrounded by rituals, practices and beliefs, some of them of universal nature and yet connected with ancient cultures.

Água Viva

The Living Water Project consists of a group of creations, actions and reflections about the water element from an artistic-scientific experimental perspective.

Water Canning

Part of the CURRENT:LA WATER public art biennial, Water Canning is a collective sculpture consisting of glass jars containing water from the region will set the stage for a water awareness workshop that includes instructions for creative tasks on the topic that participants can perform and upload to waterbodies.org.

In collaboration with the Art|Sci Collective, Dr. Olivia Osborne will present her research on how silver nanoparticles in c onsumer products end up in water bodies/rivers affecting the aqua tic environment.

Bird Song Diamond Mimic

What: BIRD SONG MIMIC ​– An Art/Science Collaboration Bi-coastal bird/human communication event.

When: Tuesday, July 19, 2016 @ 7 pm (EDT) in NYC - 4 pm (PDT) in LA.

Where: Harvestworks, 596 Broadway #602 New York & Del Rey Lagoon, Los Angeles.

Who: Artists Victoria Vesna and Max Kazemzadeh in NYC communicating with Charles Taylor, evolutionary biologist and artificial life expert, in Los Angeles.

Out of Sight, On My Mind

I expected that putting this tiny drop of water on my forehead would make my mind zoom in to the drop, turning my face into some sort of large and unrecognizable landscape. Instead, the drop caused a strange pulling sensation that slowly took over my head, and the longer it sat out of sight, the less sure I was of where it had spread and what it looked like.

Picture of my Love through Water

Take a picture through your jar of water of someone or something living that means a lot to you. Thank the water for making life possible. Post your picture on waterbodies.org and tell us about the picture and its meaning for you.

This is a picture of my wife through the water jar. Water is an important metaphor for us, reminding us of the flow of creativity, friendship, and life.

-Mick Lorusso

Alma da Agua

The concept for ALMA da AGUA or “Soul of the Water,” an interdisciplinary art-in-space collaboration between Richard Clar of Art Technologies and Dinis Ribeiro of Companhia Espacial Portuguesa, Lda., began in 2000. Since then, for various reasons including economic and political, part of the objectives and methodology of ALMA da AGUA have changed.

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