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Project Description: 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

This Project began with a reflection about the place of water in Fine Arts School in Madrid and its connection with the people. We do know that water is, at least in our society, a very handy resource: if we need it, we find it easily. However, there is not a thorough concern about this fragile and important resource. It’s well known that water comes out from the different access points around the Fine Arts School but, apart from that, nobody knows anything else. Water is practically invisible.

Once I was sensitized with the water issue and after having asked to myself about this concern in Fine Arts school's environment during the "Art and Science dialogues: Water projects workshop" organized by Esther Moñivas Mayor, I went on the search of the water that, although used by all of us, remains almost invisible. The importance of water in the faculty environment is often unrecognized and thus water itself is disregarded and even wasted. In a moment of reflection, while taking a look around me, a curious circular grey spot on the ceiling attracted my attention. It happened to be a leak caused by the effect of the moisture. Suddenly I could see that water is everywhere, leaving marks of its presence along the way.

My project tries to show this invisible element that follow us to the most unlikely of places from a nearly scientific perspective: taking pictures of site-specific watermarks.

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