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"World Water Museum" installation

"World Water Museum" installation

Project Description: 

The "World Water Museum" installation by Keti Haliori focuses to alert people on the challenges of clear, potable water on the planet. It approaches surrealistically the vast environmental problem, presenting water as "museum item".

The installation is constructed gradually through the participations of the volunteers who send samples from rivers and lakes. The samples are chemically analysed, therefore to each one a special identity is assigned, then are safely kept in laboratory vials. A portion of each sample is mixed with portions of all the others, in a separate vessel, to symbolically increase the "Earth water" level.

The destination of the work is its exhibition, at the rocky foundations of a traditional house in Hydra and this will characterize it as a site specific installation. The installation will be on a continuous evolution as long as new samples from rivers and lakes are delivered.

The voluntary participating type of the project is a prerequisite because the samples would not be collected if communities were not activated. Besides, the activation of the public is needed, if we are going to reconsider the water challenges and the upcoming scarcity.

• The development and evolution of the project will be updated regularly on the website www.worlwatermuseum.com/ so that those participating and interested in the project can be informed.

• The project does not carry out a factual scientific research of the condition of the world rivers or lakes water sources. Its completion will constitute a symbolic collection of the samples of water which was conducted at an unspecified place and time, so that the present space-time picture of the river waters is presented-whatever that may be- without the application of scientific criteria and selective procedures. For the above reason, the pollution levels of the area where the samples will be taken, are not a prerequisite for the samples.

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