Agua Viva Children’s Home and School is a non-denominational Christian ministry that meets the physical and spiritual needs of impoverished, at-risk children in Guatemala. Our goal for these children is to rear and educate them in a loving Christian environment to be successful, Christian adults with the desire and ability to help their own people.


There’s a place that we know, where the skies are so blue
Where the love of the Lord shines through
We can smile through our tears, and let go of our fears
Yes, God’s people see us through

We call it Agua Viva, our home in Guatemala
And there we drink of the Living Water
And Jesus makes us new

Then some day we will say adios and goodbye
To our little house on the hill
And we thank God above for his marvelous love
Yes God’s people really care


Agua Viva Song ~ by John Kirkpatrick