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Calming the Sea — sketch 2b

In Mundus Subterraneus, written in 1664, Athanasius Kircher proposed the idea that the oceans we know of are connected by channels to underground oceans, pumping water through openings in the sea floor, thus causing the tides.

Following this idea of subterranean channels, we will meet on Zoom to add just another layer of channels to unite as a global orchestra.

We will explore multichannel near-simultaneity, exploiting transmission latencies and temporal offsets, experiencing destructive and constructive interferences — overlapping, amplification and extinction of waves.

Tide and Current Taxi

The Tide and Current Taxi is a rowboat water taxi in the New York Harbor, operated by the artist Marie Lorenz. Each trip is planned to coincide with strong tidal currents in the harbor, all documented with pictures and stories on this site.

Play the LA River

"Play the LA River is a come-one-come-all project by the arts collective Project 51 that invites Angelenos to explore, enjoy, reclaim & reimagine the mighty LA River as a grand civic space that can green & connect our communities. The project is collaborative, & our definition of play is broad. For 51 weeks, we encourage Angelenos to come to the river for play! Salsa. Picnic. Chess. Paint. Soccer. Sey. Act. Puzzle. Kayak. Nardi. Poker. Bike. Sculpt. Forage. Yoga. Bird. Sing. Tell ghost stories. Run. Hula hoop. Juggle. Bocce ball. Hip hop. Solitaire. Scavenger hunt. Skip.

World Water! 2016

In celebration of World Water Day 2016 water-wheel.ent is promoting and sponsoring virtual stages for collaborative events. They are “live” only during the scheduled time.

There are seven World Water! 2016 events!!!

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