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World Water! 2016

World Water! 2016

Project Description: 

In celebration of World Water Day 2016 water-wheel.ent is promoting and sponsoring virtual stages for collaborative events. They are “live” only during the scheduled time.

There are seven World Water! 2016 events!!!

Open to the public
Free Admission
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James Cunningham

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Ongoing Events: 
Thursday, March 17, 2016 - 21:00 to Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 21:00

Fantastic group of 22 curators from 19 countries will discuss selected entries and respond to online audience, in a streaming event on the Waterwheel video-collaboration system, the Tap.

This event can be described as:
- a live forum between audience, curators & contributors, interspersed with short performances & videos
- a celebratory event of World Water Day and the closing of the internet platform Waterwheel, after 5 years of successful activities and the building up of a dynamic global community

Special guest, world-famous classical Indian singer Mahesh Vinayakram will sing for the opening & closing of the event.
An additional special workshop DIY Audio Streaming will be held on Waterwheel by SoundCamp streaming technician Grant Smith, on Sunday 20 March 9-11 am (UK time).

Audience is invited to watch and interact from their own computers anywhere in the world, free of charge!
DAYS: 18-20 March 2016
PROGRAMME, DATES & TIMES: http://bit.ly/program-WaterWorks
ADDRESS OF THE EVENT: http://water-wheel.net/taps-list
SOCIAL: Twitter: @the_waterwheel #WaterWorks