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The water that comes. The used water. The water that we come to have.

"El agua que llega. El agua usada. El agua que podemos llegar a tener."
¿El agua que brota del manantial tiene la misma calidad que la que circula en estas tuberías?
El agua de estas tuberías, la que bebemos ¿es la misma agua que sale del edificio?
“The water that comes. The used water. The water that we come to have.”
Has the water from the fountainhead the same quality as the water in these pipes?
The water from the pipes, the drinking one, is the same that goes outside the building?

Sail Still

CCA art gallery, Torun, Poland
curated by Victoria Vesna

PVA MediaLab Bridport

This video installation develops the cultural themes of the feminine, water, transformation or the mythical ‘shapeshifting’ capabilities of creatures like the ‘sirens’ and traditions of their danger to men; how this has impacted on romantic perceptions of stereotypes and the personal experience of femininity. Glass and salt are used as symbols for the seductive, fragile, dangerous, and ultimately life – giving fluidity of water.


Technohoros Art Gallery presents with honor the artist Ulay , invited by the “World Water Museum” installation by Keti Haliori , on Sunday 2nd June at 20.00.

Water my life-Water my death

In an artistic travelogue protest, during the years 2008–2009, five participative public actions took place at the entrance gates-host of Chios, Lavrio, Alexandroupolis, Thessaloniki and Athens. This travelogue project, titled “…the journey...” concerns the dramatic deaths and the tragic accidents of refugees and immigrants, who are drowned in the Mediterranean Sea or killed or amputated by antipersonnel landmines during the crucial moments of “passage” .
The video "Water my life-Water my death" is a part of that project.

Dawn Faelnar

While several national and international relief efforts for Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda were initiated, I focused on assisting remote areas of Northern Cebu and the surrounding islands: Doong & Bantayan Island • Tabuelan • Malapascua • Camotes Islands • San Remigio • Medellin • Tabogon • Tabango (Leyte)

Coffee For You | Water For All

TOMS Roasting Co. purchases allow our partners to provide 140 liters of water, a week's supply to a person in need. But it goes beyond digging wells. Giving Partners support local business development and government investments to create sustainable water systems and solutions for widespread, long-term impact.

Worldwide Coffee/Water Initiative

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