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MAicro Flow

MAicro Flow

Project Description: 

New media installation integrating biology and surveillance, an aesthetic experience of the movement of water in tree leaves through time and distance, from MACRO to micro.

How does water flow along tree leaves? Visualizing the movement of water pathways in tree leaves, MAicro Water Flow allows us to contemplate its flow, after traveling through the soil to the roots and the stem, up until when it evaporates into the atmosphere through the surface of the leaf.
Combining biology and surveillance in time and distance, this installation creates an aesthetic experience by moving through diverse scales, from MACRO to micro.
MAicro is remotely maintained from the artist's port, streaming live video to the exhibition site. The experiment generates an ever growing record, showcasing the water flow in the plant both in real-time and the timelapse during the exhibition.
The microscopy setup is replicated in site to enable awareness of the reverse process – inhibited of water, the progressive dryness brings evidence on the need of water for survival.
MAicro is part of ARTiVIS (Arts, Real-Time Video and Interactivity for Sustainability), enhancing the association of Art and Activism through open sharing of real-time video streams of forests for artistic exploration on environmental causes.

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Mónica Mendes

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