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Fluid Systems

Works of the Sci Art Nanolab Team

UCLA Sci|Art Nanolab instructors Rita Blaik, Amisha Gadani, Mick Lorusso, Olivia Osborne, David Prince and Dan Wilkinson present their collaborations integrating living systems, microfluidics, the watershed, climate change and ice.


OBSIDIANA is an interactive installation and cymatic instrument that uses data from light frequencies reflected on water to play patterns created by sound visualization. The piece is projected onto a 10 ft interactive circular screen with embedded photocell light sensors. The data collected and visualized creates a cymatic feedback instrument. Inspired by the Mayan obsidian water mirror, it reflects the concept of art as shamanism, operating as a mediator to connect different realms of consciousness to shown the unknown.

Water Canning

Part of the CURRENT:LA WATER public art biennial, Water Canning is a collective sculpture consisting of glass jars containing water from the region will set the stage for a water awareness workshop that includes instructions for creative tasks on the topic that participants can perform and upload to waterbodies.org.

In collaboration with the Art|Sci Collective, Dr. Olivia Osborne will present her research on how silver nanoparticles in c onsumer products end up in water bodies/rivers affecting the aqua tic environment.

Bird Song Diamond Mimic

What: BIRD SONG MIMIC ​– An Art/Science Collaboration Bi-coastal bird/human communication event.

When: Tuesday, July 19, 2016 @ 7 pm (EDT) in NYC - 4 pm (PDT) in LA.

Where: Harvestworks, 596 Broadway #602 New York & Del Rey Lagoon, Los Angeles.

Who: Artists Victoria Vesna and Max Kazemzadeh in NYC communicating with Charles Taylor, evolutionary biologist and artificial life expert, in Los Angeles.

MAicro Flow

New media installation integrating biology and surveillance, an aesthetic experience of the movement of water in tree leaves through time and distance, from MACRO to micro.


Typically the models for ocean waves are computationally explored to replicate natural phenomena.
Instead of aiming towards realism, this work explores aesthetic derivations of a simple state-of-the-art model for ocean waves simulation.
Each wave is closed in a circular line, so the waves don't develop horizontally.


interestrelar is an audio-visual device that broadcasts sounds of cosmic collisions, spiraling galaxies on black holes, through woofers with ink that make automatic galactic drawings operated by the occasional movements in the street. Interestrelar is a generative, infinite, irrepitable installation, a machine that generates space sounds from the analyzed movement from a vigilance camera, projecting ink from woofers to sheets of paper, performing abstract automatic drawings that recall space charts, placing the space reverberating cosmic sounds. (2009)

NaCl Impressions

Water and salt: NaCl IMPRESSIONS NaCl Watercolors sodium chloride in water sodium ions ... positive and negative ions dissociate chloride. The electroneutrality is broken. The ions are released ... saturated sodium chloride solutions can give crystals surprising that the shape and size ... With this salt, using aqueous solutions of appropriate dyes, Rita Nunes bridge proposes an imagined how to create images, diffusional impressions imposed by sodium chloride, which take us to a new world (almost unreal).

Urban Rain

The Roosevelt Community Center in San Jose, A, a LEED gold building, was completed in Fall, 2008. My two installations here detain and filter storm water runoff from the roof.

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