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Quinn: Inheritor of Knowledge

Cosmoscapes are alternative contemporary landscapes. These works are an internalization of our biosphere expressed through drawing, painting, digital imaging, and video. The goal is to construct a cosmology for the viewer. These works serve as consciousness portals for the viewer to access a parallel layer of reality. These are poetic unnameable places that reveal the conflict of consciousness in the space of the non-verbal. Recognizable moments emerge in these works and are encoded with an invented symbology.


Sunday, 17 November 2013

This Project began with a reflection about the place of water in Fine Arts School in Madrid and its connection with the people. We do know that water is, at least in our society, a very handy resource: if we need it, we find it easily. However, there is not a thorough concern about this fragile and important resource. It’s well known that water comes out from the different access points around the Fine Arts School but, apart from that, nobody knows anything else. Water is practically invisible.

Portable stream

Dicen que donde el hombre vive demasiado tiempo
se transforma en desierto.
El agua que da vida,
cuando hay demasiada vida vivida,
se transforma en algo muerto,
en algo yermo,
en los cuatro jinetes del Apocalipsis.
Dicen que la tierra donde nacieron mis padres
era un vergel,
una selva en la meseta.
Yo me acuerdo.
Dicen que había un río con peces,
con niños bañándose en verano
y lavanderas el resto del año.
sólo hay las lágrimas de los recuerdos
en un cauce estéril y reseco;

Oil is thicker than blood

In memoriam to the Prestige desaster in Galicia, Spain, 2002
This experimental video was recorded and produced personally by the author with the only support of a camera Canon 600 D, a glass container with the flower of Jericho, water, oil, ice cubes, two MDF boards with epoxy stained with pigments and 3 small cups made of polyester resin and pigment, as well as different colors of paint.


The following project has an ecologist point of view and protest Among the use and bad use of water. Its simply hides Apparently approach to major problem as well as deep symbolic meanings.

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